Its been a long time but I’m finally back in the Bubble after 11 months away. It feels slightly strange.

My departure out to Colonia was caused by a delay in the release of the Fleet Carrier. That I returned to the bubble onboard a fleet carrier is not lost on me. It’s a good way to complete the big exploration circle.

The journey back was more of an adventure than I thought it would be. Colonia’s Tritium market is virtually nonexistent after the recent updates to mining. Outside of the bubble, the options for refuelling are VERY limited.

Better fuel consumption for carriers alleviates some of the issue but as large levels of tritium can only be found by mining, it hardly seems ideal for encouraging carriers to keep moving.

Back in the bubble, I have to think about what to do next…

June was dominated by the arrival of the Fleet Carrier, an update to the galaxy that appears to have been a big success. Like many other CMDRs, I probably underestimated the value of the carrier. …

The fleet carrier beta has ended and it’s been an interesting couple of weeks exploring the carrier. I always find the betas useful for trying out new features without any risk before it hits the live galaxy. Mistakes can end up being costly if a Commander isn’t careful.

Over the…

The first Fleet Carrier Beta, a few weeks ago, caused some noise on social media mainly due to the high carrier costs. I was unable to take part due to work and other distractions but I totally agreed with reducing the ridiculous upkeep costs. Fortunately Frontier appears to have been…

March started with my arrival at Beagle Point on the 5th. Navigating to the system actually turned out to be less challenging than I imagined. The star density wasn’t too low as to cause problems and I managed to string nav waypoints between big ‘jumponium’ jumps. It was a hop…

I’ve reached the edge. I cannot travel any further. The next star is beyond my jump range even with jumponium added. All stop at 65,300ly.

Out the cockpit window is just a sea of black. No wonder this area of space is called The Abyss. I love it and yet…

Lots of exploration pictures this month. I always try to document what I’m doing so that I have a record of events. A commander’s history is important and it’s great to look back and see what you were doing and when.

All of the images below come from the current journey out to Beagle Point.

February was about exploration. At the time of writing, I’m around 56,000ly from Sol heading to Beagle Point. It has been a long journey and I haven’t even arrived at the destination yet! The current ETA is mid-March.

The beginning of February saw me set off from Colonia bound for Sagittarius A*. I reached the centre of the galaxy within four of five days and spent a couple of days visiting the impressive supermassive black hole.

Launching towards Beagle Point seemed to be the obvious next move. I left Explorer’s Anchorage around 5th February and have been heading to Beagle Point ever since.

CMDR Campbell’s Logbook

A ship's log recording the observations and adventures of a freelance pilot in Elite Dangerous - CMDR Richard Campbell.

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